Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Pyro-Maniac

'The Pyro-Maniac' comes wrapped in a photocopied drawing i did from a children's christmas coloring book, albeit i used a red crayon to make fire!!! The cover features a plastic bag containing a survived Ace of Spades and a single booklet of generic matches made from D.D. Bean & Sons, from Jaffrey, NH. (I would suggest carrying ashes in the plastic bag for instant book defacement, but you do whatever you want.) Two open matchbooks are attached to the top cover of the journal, for the right moment when you're ready to set your collection on fire. Or maybe you save it before it's destroyed? Whatever.

Maybe i went a little too far, but i found myself scorching a few of the pages. Perhaps i left a hole or to? But burn marks are so cool. I had to entertain the idea for a little while. Oh, and, plastic doesn't melts.

'The Pyro-Maniac' is best suited for someone who sees the fun in destruction and can tactfully implement it in the most artistic of ways. Or maybe you're new to the idea of adding art with fire. In any case, you decide whether this project gets saved, or becomes ashes.

If this description does not suit you well, perhaps try another themed journal.

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