Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Avid Gardener

'The Avid Gardener' comes wrapped in a photocopied cover of one of my journals from working seven weeks in the Bahamas. The cover features a small plastic bag perfect for carrying samples and supplies. It comes with a common feather, 2 small rocks from the natural hot water mineral springs in Aguas Calientes, Peru, and 200 Sweet Marjoram herb seeds.

I took the liberty of dirtying the book up a bit, just to get things started. The cover does show some light bruising from rocks; mostly gravel. And inside can be found a few natural objects one might come across in a garden or porch resting planter.

'The Avid Gardener' is best suited for someone who loves digging around in the dirt, not afraid to get their hands a bit grimy, collecting natural trinkets the earth somehow produces, and getting in touch with nature enough to be inspired by it.

If this description does not suit you well, perhaps try another themed journal.

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