Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Body Language

Did you know that body language probably is 100% of communication? That means that spoken language is at 0%!! Because all the numbers in the percentage went to body language. I'm also learning that aggressive or dominant body language is a sure-fire way of getting what you want.
Some of the best 'words' spoken in body language are used by:
- the upward head tilt
- the open stance, with no limbs crossed
- invading personal space
- the distgusted smile
- squinted eyes
oh man, these are good:)

I had an audition today where the guy i was partnered with in the scene displayed some of these body language expressions toward me before, during and after the audition. I didn't necessarily feel belittled, and that's probably because i was aware of what he was doing. But despite how i felt, to anyone watching, he was establishing dominance. Maybe because he considered me a threat, or maybe i look like the kid that beat him up in grade school:) Nonetheless, he was beating me to the punch, and i was basically watching the scenario being painted, allowing him to go where ever it was was he wanted.
Today i played the part of the coward. Too bad the audition was for showing manly companionship. At least i learned something in the process. I'm learning how to become....an ass.

But if you're casting for that nerdy coward role, here's my experience:)
....a la 'Motorhome Massacre"

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