Saturday, December 11, 2010

Good Morning Updaters Thursday Great Day 12/09/2010

Good morning all you people! ;The weather stops for no one!

Nightly Weather Report plus Christmas Fact #3 12/08/2010

Tonight is a very special update because we are half way through our 5 facts about christmas that you probly didnt know about! ;How can this be happening so fast it just seems like yesterday that we started, but it was the day before yesterday.

-TheWeatherReport Commercial featuring Bucky Higgins 12/08/2010

Here's a station you can depend on. ;Always working for you round the clock to make sure you get the latest and coolest weather updates, as well as life tips to live a better knowledgeable life!

Delicious Lunchtime Menu Report Tips and Tricks 12/07/2010

Stay Tuned right now for this latest update about tips and tricks in order to make sure you get to eat a lunch. ;Dont know how to prepare one yet?

Berries: Natural Thangs Found in Nature Webdate 12/07/2010

Hi thare again this is just a quick webdate update about Berries. ;Kids need to know as well as parents where their juices are coming from and this shocking and inclusive update will report you straight to understanding.

Office Relaxation Tip from Weatherman Bucky Higgins 12/07/2010

Hi thare folks! ;Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday and being healthy and tuning in!

Tuesday Morning brangs Alert Tips!!! 12/07/2010

Hope yall aren't having a bad day yet cause its beautiful outside! ;It's freezing cold, so you can make ice frisbees all you wont!

Santas Dirty Secret Revealed in Monday Night Report 12/06/2010

We're dealing with some heavy stuff this Christmas season with the clouds, the wind, this cooler weather, and know facts about Christmas that you may not have been aware of! ;Tonight we will delve into a dirty little secret that Santa has been keeping from the children AND the parents!!Make sure not to miss tonights, Monday night update on -TheWeatherReportwith Bucky Higgins, Weatherman

Monday Wind Update Report - WIND 12/06/2010

WIND is the topic for this evening -TheWeatherReport so stay in tuned in so you can learn a bit about Wind, the topic for tonight! ;with Weatherman Bucky Higgins.

Monday Afternoon Ice Activity with Friends! 12/06/2010

Once you get off work and you need something to do! ;It's time to do a activity with Weatherman Bucky Higgins.

Monday Cloud Update from -TheWeatherReport 12/06/2010

Good afternoon folks, just wanted to let you know that the clouds in the forecast for today have disappeared! ;That's right they are gone!

Monday Morning Update for Wintertime Cold 12/06/2010

Good morning weather experiencers! ;It's morning time again, and it's time to tell yall the weather for today! Go ahead and stay tuned into this weather update to know what all is going on and what all you want to happen for today!Let's get this week started off just right so we can all have a productive time and focus on whats important!

End of the Weekend December Weather Report with Bucky 12/05/2010

Hope everyone had a great weekend! ;I don't know what yall did but i made a bunch of crafts around the neighborhood and had fun showing them to other people.

Weekend Activity Tip #3 with Bucky Higgins 12/05/2010

Welcome back to this Sunday's final tip of the weekend! ;Still dont have something to do, never fear here is something to do!

Cotton Stalks on Today's Planet Earth's Surface 12/11/2010

Hi thare today we are roaming around the place looking at everythang that sticks up out of the planet not just bushes. ;Come and take a look at what we've found out about!

Weekend Activity Tip #2 with Bucky Higgins 12/05/2010

Welcome back folks it's Bucky Higgins here with another weekend activity tip! ;Hope you all had fun with your leaf helmets! Time to try something new, different, and exciting!

Sunday Morning Weekend Weather Update with Bucky 12/05/2010

Good morning this morning! ;Seems like I get to say that every morning!

Late Night Wind Report for December Weekend 12/04/2010

Folks, hope you're tuning in cause we've got a whopper of a weather report on our hands over here at the weather station! ;Wind is in high report right now!

Cool Weather and Wet Rain for Tonight 12/04/2010

Tune in to the weather people so you can know whats going on! ;Tonight we can expect it to be wet so make sure you are prepared when you go out in it.

Weekend Activity Tip #1 with Bucky Higgins 12/04/2010

Hi thare! ;Bucky Higgins here your weatherman from -TheWeatherReport reporting to you live from youtube with a fun weekend activity for you to do for when you dont have anything to do for yourself!

Saturday starts this Beautiful Weekend on TheWeatherReport Update 12/04/2010

Good morning! ;It's time to look outside and notice what cloudiness is among us!

December 3rd Dark and Scary Midnight Update 12/03/2010

Good evening folks! ;Bucky Higgins here from -TheWeatherReport just letting you know there is weather to be told of.

Facts About the Harmonica with Weatherman Bucky Higgins 12/03/2010

The harmonica is always that one instrument that gets laughed at at the party, but lets take a closer look at the history of the harmonica and why we are so proud to call it that!

Sweetwater Creek National State Park Hiking 12/03/2010

Hiking is a great weekend activity. ;If you happen to be near the Atlanta area, you can go hiking at Sweetwater Creek National State Park.

Friday Morning Cool Weather Update Report 12/03/2010

Today is Friday and that means the weekend is coming up! ;Hope everyone stays safe and has activities to do, but i will give you some ideas later on today! Stay Tuned!!

December Night Weather Report with Bucky Higgins 12/02/2010

Let's talk about weather in the city and look at the 5 day forecast, plus stay tuned for a special Bonus Report which I won't talk about here!

Weather Report at Dusk in December 12/02/2010

It's coming to a close of another day, and that means the month will be over when all the days are up! ;Look out for 2011, it's true!

Food For Thought: Ivy 12/02/2010

Today's let's focus on the plant we all love, Ivy. ;Ivy stands for 5, and can be found in all the countries!

Lunchtime Weather Report 12/02/2010

Might as well watch the weather while you eat your lunchtime here!! ;Great day for outdoor activities and learning!!

Tonight's Local Weather Update 12/01/2010

That's right folks! ;Weather is happening all the time, and I'm telling it!

Early Evening Update 12/01/2010

Hi there folks, Bucky Higgins here reporting your weather forecast for tonight and giving you some tips for this wintertime! ;Be safe and Stay Tuned!

Cloud Coverage 12/01/2010

Today's Weather Report is COLD plus Cloud Coverage all day!!

2AM Weather Update: Very Sleepy and Tired 12/01/2010

This is the 1st Weather Report of the new day of the month of December for 2010.Current Weather is not raining. ;Tomorrow who knows what will bring?

Cool Weather Update For Tomorrow: Classy Reporting 11/30/1020

Tomorrow's high is 46Fso stay TUNED!!!

Studio Update: Warning for South Atlanta: Tornado Watch 11/30/2010

TORNADO WATCHES!!!Make sure you are careful and do some drillsSouth of Atlanta!!

Current Report: RAIN Stay Tuned 11/30/2010

Time for umbrellas to spread em! go head on and go outside with your umbrellas!and proper attire for shoes, not slippers!

Important Update Report: DRIZZLE ALERT 11/30/2010

DRIZZLE ALERT as of now and forecast for 100% RAIN!!!!
get your umbrellas readyi will tell you win

Animal and Weather UPDATE Amazing Footage 11/30/2010

Animals can not only tell the weather, they can tell if you get hurt!Trust!

How to take Precautions in Wet Weather Conditions 11/30/2010

Today is still wet, as you know, so I give you this wet weather condition report on safety tips for working outside!!Is the ground wet?

Sloppy Wet Morning Update with Bucky Higgins on -TheWeatherReport 11/30/2010

Good Morning!!
It was raining last night and it isn't today, but the ground is:
might as well go head on have a cup of hot COFFEE

Late Night Rain Update from the Trusted Station -TheWeatherReport 11/29/2010

It's 2am i think and it's still raining outside so everybody know!
take care!!
its sure is late!

Weather Report, Weatherman Career Decision 11/29/2010

Let me just tell you.Im practicing to become a weatherman and thats how you have to do it.Join me and do it too! ;See y'all!

Surprisingly Early Dark Hours -TheWeatherReport 11/29/2010 Night UPDATE

Tonight is surpringing times!!!It got dark earlier from now on!!starting at shocking 5:30pm timezones!!!!!!Get your update quick and HERE!!!

COLD and WET freezing Update from -TheWeatherReport 11/29/2010

ITS RAINING!!!and it's still COLD forecast

First Edition -TheWeatherReport Winter Coming 11/29/2010

Bucky HIggins bringing you the weather for Monday, Nov. 29th, 2010! It's COLD!! Wear 2 layers!! Watch the video for stunning results!


Good morning this morning, could everyone please find a desk pew this morning and take your seats. Before we begin I would like to introduce to you our musical entertainment and newest member of the church of Scientology

Thankyou everyone we're so glad to be here! This place already feels like home. It looks just like the mega churches I've seen in the south, only alot smarter.
As new students of Scientology I'm sure you're aware of the many questions they might have, so we've created a song for all of those who may want to learn more about Scientology.
This is exactly how it goes...

But most importantly Y
I signed up for this show better known as
But mostly importantly why?

I got so much to learn, I mean read
Yeah I know it
There's so many different ways I can grow

A bullshit garden in the front of my yard
And I know it sounds kinda crazy but I got a plaque cause I made it this far
And I know I'm gonna shoot right through the OT levels just so ling as they keep makin more
And I'm probly gonna be in next months bi-weekly newsletter if I'm interbulating correctly

Hmm I'm not completely sold on it. ;But
You haven't even met your auditor yet, who you'll tell all your secrets to. But don't worry, we'll write them down so no one will ever know about it. Here, sign this billion year contract!

Some things they frown upon would be lack of money, the use of critical thinking or common sensory
And don't you try to leave cause we'll find you, we'll track you down and maybe kill you, just kidding, but seriously...

Now L Ron Hubbard may be a joke to pharmasudical companies, but nobody else can better teach you how to grow and tend to a

Bullshit garden in the front of my yard

I Made This Song With My Computer (Official Music Video)

It's about to be a song.
This goes out to my MacBook Pro.
I love you computer!

Oooo The night is young and I'm all about it, yeah
Oooo it's about to be a dream come true ;yeah

I sit down to make a song
I wish it was harder than you thought it was
Open GarageBand it's got everything I need now it's on
But I'm gonna take the credit though

Now let's get started
Where should we begin
Let's pick a drum beat
Fill it in, fill it in

Ladies and gents it's chorus time
I just want you to know it
I made this song with my computer

Oooo bopiteedopopadoo is how I make it all up as I go along
And for fun we'll add some strings and just before we're done
We'll go out on an echo echo echo

And when sometimes I hit a brick wall
So as not to waste time I just move on

Ladies and gents its chorus time
I know that you now know this
I made this song with my computer
Now let's slow it down

Thankyou computer
Pushin your buttons cause you my computer yeah
Thankyou computer
All over your mouse pad with my two fingers yeah
Thankyou computer
You'll be my friend beautiful computer
Beautiful computer Whoa

For makin me sound
Sound so natural
I sound natural
Oh you

Ladies and gents it's chorus time
I know that you still know this
I made this song with my computer
Let's throw it down

And once again it's chorus time
In this case we'll end with it
Did I mention I made this with my computer
Let's shut it down

Frost Continues to Spread this Wednesday Report 12/08/2010

Good morning again! ;Bucky Higgins here with special reporter Nelson to brang you the good morning news this morning!

Tues. Night Frost Special: Including Yummy Reindeer Fluids! 12/07/2010

Tonights Update is all about Winter, Frost, Sharing and high in fat content Xmas Drinks! ;Be sure to jot down some notes during the episode and test yourself on the knowledge later on tonight, or even in the morning before the next report!

Berries: Natural Thangs Found in Nature Webdate 12/07/2010

Hi thare again this is just a quick webdate update about Berries. ;Kids need to know as well as parents where their juices are coming from and this shocking and inclusive update will report you straight to understanding.