Saturday, December 11, 2010


Good morning this morning, could everyone please find a desk pew this morning and take your seats. Before we begin I would like to introduce to you our musical entertainment and newest member of the church of Scientology

Thankyou everyone we're so glad to be here! This place already feels like home. It looks just like the mega churches I've seen in the south, only alot smarter.
As new students of Scientology I'm sure you're aware of the many questions they might have, so we've created a song for all of those who may want to learn more about Scientology.
This is exactly how it goes...

But most importantly Y
I signed up for this show better known as
But mostly importantly why?

I got so much to learn, I mean read
Yeah I know it
There's so many different ways I can grow

A bullshit garden in the front of my yard
And I know it sounds kinda crazy but I got a plaque cause I made it this far
And I know I'm gonna shoot right through the OT levels just so ling as they keep makin more
And I'm probly gonna be in next months bi-weekly newsletter if I'm interbulating correctly

Hmm I'm not completely sold on it. ;But
You haven't even met your auditor yet, who you'll tell all your secrets to. But don't worry, we'll write them down so no one will ever know about it. Here, sign this billion year contract!

Some things they frown upon would be lack of money, the use of critical thinking or common sensory
And don't you try to leave cause we'll find you, we'll track you down and maybe kill you, just kidding, but seriously...

Now L Ron Hubbard may be a joke to pharmasudical companies, but nobody else can better teach you how to grow and tend to a

Bullshit garden in the front of my yard

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