Friday, February 6, 2009

The Butterfly Garden

Escape to a world of comfort and serenity where time is a game and delicate reigns; nestled far far away in 'The Butterfly Garden'. The bottom half of the cover is a rich olive-green padded stocking top cut to fit, allowing a front pocket, which now holds a toy butterfly i picked up from the streets of Lima, and a back pocket, which houses wishes of an owner's contents. A happy side-affect from the stocking is the loop, making this book easy to attach to a bag or a person!

This original creation features an attached tie that wraps around the book to fasten. A separate pocket is located on the top half of the front cover, to house the end of the tie, once wrapped. The inside covers feature sewn prints of simple flowers on fabric and butterfly stickers sparkling with glitter.

'The Butterfly Garden' is best suited for someone who not only appreciates the small things in life, but knows their intricacies so well, they're able to experience the delicate edge where magic and fantasy meet reality. Or perhaps you just like butterflies?

If this description does not suit you well, perhaps try another themed journal.

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  1. My room is a disaster as well...clothes are EVERYWHERE...i tried to organize today, but gave up...i feel so defeated!...tomorrow is a new day...