Friday, February 6, 2009

Alone in the Dark

'Alone in the Dark' is ready to face the forest and the depths of darkness that it holds. This particular scrap comes with it's own tote that features a loop perfect for attaching to a bookbag, or anything else that happens to be a light weight carry. The book cover itself has an assortment of features from glow in the dark stars, to a peruvian toy bird whistle. There's even an electronic board that when atcivated, flashes a series of 4 lights, not to mention the mini flashlight that rests in it's own pocket.

Venturing inside the journal, you'll find a root coiled throughout the inseam of the books pages. This vine-like root comes from the Botanical Gardens in Atlanta, GA. There are also an assortment of tiny leaf stickers that help some of the split parts of the root stay in place. And at the back of the book, you'll conveniently find a working compass, just in case you need a little direction out there in the dark.

'Alone in the Dark' is best suited for you if you find yourself longing to take walks through the wilderness and lie out in the woods at night to listen to the sounds of nature; the darkness comforts you and you enjoy the exploration of the unknown.

If this description does not suit you well, perhaps try another themed journal.

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  1. you are right -- you do have a lot of pictures to share! great journals. keep up the good work!