Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Friendship, Team Work, Success, Being Rich

friendship is such a funny thing. just the way we naturally draw ourselves together in groups. we base it on looks, social status, maybe finding qualities in others that aren't exactly and presently strong within ourselves, and obviously in common interests. but when you break it down, friends give you something that you need. as i think about my friends....that one makes me laugh, that one knows exactly how to bring me out of a bad mood, that one allows my mind to go to places it normally wouldn't go, and that one makes me feel like a total kid:) i can only imagine what they're getting out of me. and hopefully it's as good as what im getting.

i need to do a better job of this next one, which is surrounding yourself with people who can help you achieve your goals. there is nothing selfish about doing this. especially after understanding friendships. being able to work with others to achieve a common goal is priceless. putting people together where everyone benefits is the best example of team work. now, if you can surround yourself with friends who fit this bill, then you've lucked out. for the most part, we all find ourselves working with people better known as 'co-workers'. not that they can't be your friends, but at that location, you're dealing with people who operate under a team work mentality, (or they should be).

next comes knowing what you want. you absolutely have to know exactly what you want. you dont have to have any clue about how to get it, or what's needed to achieve it. you just have to know exactly ~(5th)~ and its probably gonna change as you get closer to it, or even once you've reached what it is you want. your drive and passion will move you forward, and your brain is your tool to figure the steps as you go along. but as long as you know what you're after, you'll find it. and if you don't believe that, reread the 5th sentence in this paragraph.

and finally,
friends benefitting from one another, working together well, knowing what they want, and working forward to get it.
that's my definition of "being rich"

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