Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Pack Pockets

Here's my newest journal creation:) I call it 'The Back Pockets'. When i started construction on this particular one, i had the idea of it representing things crammed in a back pocket, but the title wouldn't come until I saw a tag that had been ripped from the inside of a pair of blue jeans. Written in a sharpie marker, it said, "The Back Pockets".

I went to a place in Atlanta called WonderRoot. I've only been once, and it was because a friend of mine was in a band called "The Back Pockets" that had formed 1 month prior to their show, and they were performing their 'avant-garde' in the cramped basement of this small art center for the lead singers birthday. After their show, everyone congregated outside for the big turn-taking event, "Bust the Piñata". (I did not get a turn) However, when the final blow was given to the piñata, which was in the shape of a Narwhal, it spewed forth plastic Easter eggs!! Inside the eggs were candy and other trinkets that the band had made, (mainly the hyper-active lead singer/birthday girl, who just did that kind of thing, but in a crazier way than how you might think, for the lack of a better way to describe her, or rather, and most probable, the lack of time i'm willing to spend describing her:) Anyway, I grabbed some eggs from the carnage of papier-mâché , and when i got home discovered my new "The Back Pockets" tag, "that had been ripped from the inside of a pair of blue jeans" :) And that same tag was the finishing touch of this journal.

The journal rests in it's own pocket made from a pair of casual lounge slacks with denim accents. The front denim flap that rests on the cover houses paper clips holding my personal business card, but upon removing the paperclips, you could attach any kind of pin and display your own works of art. Or add some Velcro to both bottom sides and create a pocket to carry your pen around!

An oversized safety pin tucks neatly into the front pocket where the journal rests, but can be taken out and clip to a book bag or hung from any anchor at your desk or on your wall. Inside the pocket I've also included a double sided eraser pencil (part of the FBI Atlanta Division 'Drug Demand Reduction Program' who's motto is "USING DRUGS IS POINTLESS") a refillable glue stick, and a Micro Vision Uni-Ball pen (my favorite!!). On the back of the cover you'll find a tiny pocket in the top left with a functional button. Inside that pocket??? Who knows what I've hidden???

I do. I put several glow in the dark stars in there. There's a belt loop as well for hanging or attaching!

Once you take the journal out, you'll find it's fairly basic. On the inside front cover, i glued a piece of album art; a representation of crooked piano keys. The picture extends the front cover so it folds back onto the outside front cover. I left it unglued on the outside for the owner to decide what happens to it. It can be made functional or glued down on top of more cover art that extends from behind it!!

The back inside cover pocket contains a large cut out of a vibrant gree tree frog (perfect for a back pocket) and the outside back cover displays a mini-green note card. I glued the envelope to the cover and the notecard to the front of the envelope; also upside down. The notecard opens downward, allowing the envelope to be used as another pocket. This notecard is a from TheHollister25. Check her shop out for more cool cards and stationary

And that's it! I had fun building this one, but now i'm totally over it. I have an idea for another traveling journal that is to be shared with friends.

so peace out!
And PEACE to my buddy RYAN who's in training camp right now
check out the music he made before he left!!


  1. What a great story and WOW! That is an AWESOME journal! Very creative!

  2. very cool idea! I LOVE your journals

  3. gracias amigas:)

    i have waaay to much fun makin these things.
    i can't let people know about all that...

  4. What a great little journal, and I love how it got its name. Very creative! Don't you just love it when things come together like that...?

  5. Love the concept of your back pockets. You've got some great designs.

  6. I loved ur comment...I had fun doing this but now I'm totally over it...can relate to this philisophy...I dabble and get bored really quickly...
    Your stuff is edgey and unique...