Monday, March 2, 2009

Her Keyper

The design for this journal itself kind of slowly morphed into what it is now, which is a series of magnets, velcro, folding flaps, and a clasp-able string with an attached key....for symbolism:) The case in which the journal is concealed, on the other hand, came to me in one sitting.

I used a Highland Park 12 year aged malt whiskey box, glue, magnets, keys, and a bit of engineering to create a sturdy folding journal case with four flaps. The keys come form a collection that my grandmother gave me when i was younger. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the box transformed into its new shape so easily.

The cover of the journal features a stencil spray design i did of a character named Sidney DeBeaumarche. Her hair hangs down and attaches to a sort of spindle where a string is wound and hangs with a key tied to it's end. On the lower right side of the journal is a magnetic flap that keeps the book latched.

If you unwind the key on a string, it leads you to the back of the journal. Here there is a plastic window that uses Velcro to clasp and is perfect for displaying small pictures of business cards. Behind this is a larger flap that opens, also latched by Velcro. There is a card flap that can help hold notes or money.

I especially like how simple and elegant this entire journal came out. It looks professional and deserves a fine resting place in just the right creative hands.

You have find this item at The Artists' Sandbox

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