Friday, June 10, 2011

This Old Machine

I was contacted through facebook several months ago from a Brad Garris living in Louisiana asking me to read a script he had written and was gearing up to shoot. Reluctantly enjoying a break from my acting career due to a lack of bookings, i was excited to be offered an opportunity to play a lead role on an independent film from Louisiana, to be shot here in Georgia. It certainly came seemingly out of nowhere, but i have to believe that all the work leading up to this has helped play an important role in getting me to this point in the first place.

After reading the script twice, and doing some serious thought to if this was a role i would be able to capture and put on display, i chose to move forward with the project with moderate expectations, partly due to my lack of knowledge of everything that needs to be taken into consideration. nonetheless, i was open to learning something new and to enjoy a challenging experience.

I slowly began to become aware of who all was involved with this project. Dee Wallace, the mother from E.T, Lance Henriksen who was Bishop from Aliens, Kevin Sorbo who played Hercules, Sylvia Jefferies, Ted Huckabee, Geoff McKnight, Sonya Thompson, etc.

We are currently finishing up the 3rd week of filming with roughly 10 days left.
You can see photos from the set @ Justin Geer's Fanpage

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