Sunday, March 7, 2010

since it didn't happen today

Last night I figured something magical would happen by the time i woke up and today there would be something completely new and inspiring to play with! An idea never entertained, or even a change in the laws of physics!! But when i woke up this morning, I realized it was Sunday, and if something magical were going to happen on one particular day of the week, Sunday just so happens to be the LAST day i would expect, being a day of rest and all. So I will enjoy this day to the fullest, and patiently await tomorrow. Because tomorrow, something magical is going to happen!!!

Maybe the wind will change colors or mirrors will actually enlarge the size of a room. Maybe we'll be able to control gravity, on a personal level; kind of like telekinesis but better! Or what if we could throw a ball of water just like a snowball! Or say something into a jar and close the lid, for the message to be echoed once the jar is opened again. I wish birds were more involved in our daily lives. They're already flyin around; they can do stuff for us. In fact, I'm tired of all little creatures of nature running away when i get closer to them. They ought to understand; what if that could change? Maybe we'll be able to plant ANYTHING and something will grow from it! But whatever it is, i have a feeling it's gonna happen tomorrow.


  1. magic in a jar!! love it! great photos too, especially the grasshopper one!!

  2. amazing photography!