Thursday, June 4, 2009

25 Things...

Here's one of those games floating around on Facebook.
I decided to make it a blog post today.
Feel free to make your own and share a bit of yourself with

i'm an Eagle Scout

i have seriously considered changing my name to Cecil Linden Geer IV

i rode a mule named Junkie down into the Grand Canyon to see the Colorado River during an absolute blustery blizzard. i coped with death within 30 minutes of the 8 hour journey

i could eat mexican food, two times a day, for the rest of my life

i was once tackled by an off duty undercover FBI agent while filming a hidden camera news program as i was part of a staged public purse snatching

DollyWood is a yearly family Fall tradition

my voice didn't change until the summer of my eighth grade year, presenting me with the opportunity to sing soprano with 199 other kids in the National Honors Children's Choir in Constitution Hall in Washington, DC. 13 of the 15 songs we had memorized were in ridiculous languages, but ridiculous in a good way:)

i still own my original NES, Super NES, and N64 consoles

i absolutely love good improv - music or stage

i once showed up at the airport a week early for a flight to NYC, which, after i realized, considered it my dry run, and went home

i accidentally found myself in the middle of an explicit photo with Kiera Knigthly and i'm the only one who has the proof

my record for going with out a shower is 12 days

i almost always wipe the seat afterwards....except in public

i rearrange at least one room in the house a month

i refused to believe that Santa Claus wasn't real until the 6th grade because i couldn't fathom my mom and dad making this up, and i distinctly remember that feeling of never being able to trust my parents again, once the truth was discovered

in high school i was one of only two guys that did pole vaulting. that rocked

i've become one of those people who have a shop at, but i'm not sure how to market it....

i think if i could, i'd never leave my room

i take an equal ratio of baths to showers

i'm allergic to most things

i've never been to Stake 'n Shake, and now that it's been this long, i think i'll set the record for myself of never going, albeit tempting

on my 21st birthday, i awoke curled in the mulch underneath a tree in a Best Buy parking lot

i turned 23 in London, my first visit abroad

i turned 25 aboard the Black Pearl, Valentine's Day, filming Pirates of the Caribbean II & III

i turned 27 in Cusco, Peru on my way to Machu Picchu


  1. Hi! What a great pic - I thought it was Macchu Pichu! I am planning to go to Macchu Pichu on my honeymoon next May. Any tips or suggestions for the trip? Also, I love that your family goes to Dollywood every year. Ours went to Branson, MO for 15 years straight, just for the hick (I mean, heck) of it.

  2. you will love it! take extra camera batteries for sure. and you may want something for altitude sickness if you go through Cusco. i had no appetite while i was there.

    and climb up the sister mountain Wayna Picchu that looks down on Machu Picchu. absolutely amazing:)